'Miss Lucille Isis' Bracelets (Attraction)

'Miss Lucille Isis' Bracelets (Attraction)

Created while watching a documentary about Louis Armstrong's wife Lucille, she was such a classy lady who didn't take no ___. This beaded composition is elaborateand sophisticated like Lucille and those compositions she inspired....

  • What is it ?

    3 bracelets.

    Inspired by classy and sophisticated Lucille Wilson-Armstrong, the Master Musician's wife and Cotton Club perfomer and artist. Lucille has many many stories to tell, but the one major theme is strength combined with beauty.

    Large pearls, heavy Goddess Isis charm, orange beds, green bling  spacers and long peal details.

    The perfect performance and composition.

    Wear these bracelets to special events and power meetings. For influence and power.


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