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Psychic Tarot Readings are delivered to your Email Inbox within 1-3 Days.

Ancestor Readings, Past Life Readings  and Erotic Readings are delivered within 1 -3 Days.

Spiritual Consultations including the CTR's very popular ANCESTOR ALTAR CONSULTATIONS are delivered within 1-3 Days.

Spell's are available after Readings, if desired and/or recommended.

A Spell Service lasts 3 Days, confirmation is sent when the service has been completed.

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Psychic Tarot Readings with Miss Sam


Psychic Tarot Reading: $60 


Type your 3 Questions for Spirit in the Notes section of PayPal when making payment. 

1-3 Days Delivery straight to your Inbox !

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The Answers You Need

'I want to buy a Love Spell, do I need a Reading first?'

Yes. Love Spells are not one size fits all. You must purchase a Psychic Tarot Reading first. Miss Sam will conduct the Reading to find out more about you, the person/s involved and the situation.

What are Consultations ?

You will receive a list of Essentials, Ritual Instructions, Cautions, Powerful Esoteric Tips and Aftercare support via email.

Delivery ?

1-3 days for delivery, via email. Please ensure you provide the correct email address.

Does Celestial Tarot Readings offer refunds ?


Privacy Policy: All information provided by client's is confidential, and handled with the utmost discretion, privacy and respect.
Disclaimer: Celestial Tarot Readings is not responsible for any actions taken based upon the contents of a Psychic Tarot Reading and/or Consultations. Please note that all Spiritual Services are for community education and entertainment purposes only.